ARC LIGHT Bombing Near Our Positions.
These were carpet bombing runs made by B-52's.  When seen at night they were spectacularly bright.
Photo Credit: Bernie Murphy
Arc Light smoke fills the valley at the base of FSB Fuller
Photo Credit: Bernie Murphy
Near the "Rockpile"
Viewed from FSB Fuller on Dong Ha Mountain.
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson
Another Arc Light near the Rockpile. Seen from FSB Fuller
At night, near Rocket Ridge, west of A-4 (Con Thien)
At night, close to A-4 (Con Thien)
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson
The "Libertines" on A-4 in 1969
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson
Jesse Temple inside a track on A-4 setting the KY8.
Re-supply Chinook (CH-47) chopper making a drop at
FSB Fuller.
Photo Credit: Dan Anderson
Charred remains of a re-supply Chinook "Hook" helicopter, shot out of the air by mortar fire at LZ Snoopy on FSB Fuller.
R-390, Radio Receiver 
Photo Credit: Kim Rider
PRD-1 in use doing radio direction finding somewhere in Quang Tri Province.
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A Few Tools of the Trade:
Photo Credit: Bernie Murphy
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C/159th ASHB
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on the difficulties
of doing re-supply
missions at
Firebase Fuller.